Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 camp 2013.

The exiting moment us year 8's were all waiting for "CAMP". The camp grounds us year 8's were staying at was Keswick Christian camp witch is in Rotorua. We went to Keswick Christian camp because it was our last year together at pt England school so we went to camp to spend time together. We all went down to Rotorua in 2 bus's with teachers and parent helpers.

We got to Keswick camp grounds and meet a man who worked there his name was Simon. Simon told us were every thing was like the toilets and kitchen and some rules. We all were put in to groups my group was T.F.K witch means "The Fashion Killers". After we were all in our groups we all girls went into our cabins and the boys went into here cabins.

The most thing that challenged me the most was on the first day we all went on a long bush walk. The bush walk was tiering and hard, My legs were saw from going up the hills and down the hills. There was one thing that was fun for me witch was getting to the end of the trail and hoping on to the bus and having a rest.

My highlight of camp was the sheep show I enjoyed the sheep show because we got to see different types of sheep's. My favourite sheep that I liked was the Merino, The Merino had thick hair and big horns. My favourite thing at the sheep show was patting the animals and feeding the little lamb milk.

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