Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Picking Harakeke/Flax.

Last week my class room 19 walked to Omaru Creek to Pick some Flax with Miss Tito. The ression we went to Omaru Creek was to pick some Flax was to learn protocols/kaupapa of collecting, Taonga and learn how to make a PutiPuti/Flower. 

When we got to Omaru Creek we all sat down under the shade on the grass by the Flax bush. When we all sat down on the grass Miss Tito talked to us about the most inportent rules like: Never cut the Mum, baby and dad because the whole Flax bush will die. Another rule is to cut the Flax diagonally down words. 

When Miss Tito finished talking about the rules she told us to find a buddy and my buddy was Andrea. Then we got a knife and we cut us a Flax each and we sat down again. After every one had finished picking there Flax Miss Tito said we will go back to school and weave our Flax. But be for we left we did one thing to our Flax we striped our Flax with our nail.

Then we went back to school and Miss Tito showed us step by step how to weave the Flax. We also used a ruler to help keep the Flax weaving sight. I didn't complet my PutiPuti because it was hard to do so my buddy Andrea helped me do my PutiPuti/Flower.

Friday, March 15, 2013



This year my class room 19 have been doing Tuakana/Teina. Tuakana means older and Teina means youngest Tuakana/Teina. Every Tuesdays after lunch room 19 go to the library and we do Tuakana/Teina with room 9. When we were in the library we were waiting for room 9 to come . When they came we had to chose a buddy from room 9 to read with. Then I chose my buddy and I asked her "what is your name" "my name is Kate" she said. 

Me and Kate chose a book to read and it was about bumble bees. When we finished chosen a book we went to sit out side to read our book. I was reading the book to Kate and she was reading along with me. As we were reading our book we had to go back in to the library and put our book back and sit on the carpet, And then Tuakana/Teina was finished. It is great doing Tuakana/Teina because it helps them to read better.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

All about me.

School Picnic 2013.

On Friday the 1st of march was our school picnic at the Pt England Reserve. The whole school were in the hall for a quick assembly so Mr Burt could tell us some rules.  After the quick assembly the whole school walked down to the Reserve together. When we all got down to the Reserve we all lined up in our class line's on the grass and Mr Burt told were we were allowed and not allowed. When Mr Burt let us all go we  put our school bags in a spot were we could eat.

When the picnic all started all of the little kids were playing on the beach and the park and doing other staff. I was hanging out with my friends laying on the grass under the tree. After laying under the tree for a while me and my friends went to walk around up on the bank to play volley ball which is a sports game. There were all sorts of sports games up on the bank for everyone to play.

After me and my friends finished playing sports games up on the bank we went down to the beach to put our feet in the water. I put my feet in the water because it was a really hot day. It was a good day at the beach hanging out with me friends I enjoyed my last picnic at Pt England Reserve. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013



  participating - Non - participation -

This week, room 19 students have had the chance to find the definition and example of the three P’s (Participation, Protection and partnership).

Definition - participation is participating in something such as sport or decision making etc. Example - here is a movie that me and my 
Partner Andrea found. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psRS5OPEiAA