Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pt England on one news.

On Tuesday afternoon TV one news came to our classroom and said that we were going to be on TV at 6' 0 clock on TV One. The people from TV One told us to just sit and do our work while they were filming us. The lady started to talk and it was really hard to stop looking at the camera. When I went home I was really excited about it being on TV One News. I feel sorry for the other schools because they can not afford netbooks.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Life Education bus.

When I went to line up ready to go to the Life Education bus. When I first walked in to the bus it was really cool and we saw Lynn. We first sat on to the ground and Lynn said hi to everyone and we said hi back. After that Lynn showed us Harold and we were laughing because Harold was steering at us. After that we had to do Harold's homework because Harold asked us to and we said yes. It was really fun doing Harold's homework because we learned more about body part.
The best thing that we did in there was when we did the banana salute it was really fun because the bus was going up and down it was really fun.