Monday, May 27, 2013

cooking competition narrative.

One day Jessie and his friend Katie were cooking in the kitchen like they were at MKR (My Kitchen Rules). They were both having a competition and Jessie’s mum, dad and his aunt were going to judge the food. Once they were both finished there cooking the judge's said you's should sign an application for MKR. They were thinking "yes we should we have always wanted to go on MKR". So they thought about it for a minute and they decided to go and get an application and sign it.

A few weeks went past and they got a mail in the letter box saying that there were not enough spaces to join MKR. They were really sad when they read that letter, but they were still cooking like they were on MKR and they never gave up on cooking they carried on even though they didn't make it in to MKR.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Run Practice.

For the last two weeks the year 7's and 8's have been doing a fun run practice. We have to run around the whole Pt England Reserve. 

On the first week my time going around the whole reserve was 9:48sec and on the second week I improved my time and I got 6:54 sec. 

I am doing good than I thought I was doing I am really proud of myself. The reason we are doing this fun run is to fundraise for our year 8 camp at the end of the year.  

What's really in our food?

This tearm the senior block have been investigating What's really in our food?. So my class have had the chance to investigate some words and what they mean and do to your body. My words that I have been investigating is Nutrient-dense foods and Cholesterol. These words are a bit hard to investigate but I am still trying my hardest to do these words. This is my presentation that I have created myself. 

Reading Reflection/Judy Moody.

TITLE: Judy Moody        
AUTHOR:Megan McDonald
Pages: 39-62
Date: 20/05/13

This story is like my life because I sometimes have boring holidays and sometimes I don’t. The character’s in this story are Judy, Aunt Opal, frank, stink, rocky. These are all the characters I have read in this story yet.

When I read the part about when Judy and her friends try to find big foot I was thinking I wonder if they will find big foot. I think the main character, Judy Moody looks like her aunt Opal.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


For the last two weeks my class have been doing Xtramath. On the first week I was on addition and I was trying my hardest to get up to the next level "subtraction" and I got up to subtraction on the 2nd week so I'm doing a bit good.

Reading Reflection/Judy Moody.

TITLE: Judy Moody        
AUTHOR:Megan McDonald
Pages: 26-39
Date: 16/05/13

I think the author is a good writer because She puts good detail in it and most kids don’t like reading but this story is making me like reading a lot more than I did before. I like this story because I have never read this story before and it is a good book to read.

This book is Based on the screenplay as it says on the back of the book.
Later in the story, I think that Judy will end up having a good holiday, well I hope she does have a good holiday. I can’t wait to finish off the rest of the book in a few weeks.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will.I.Am coming to our school.

Sitting in the hall waiting to see who was going to visit our school. As we were waiting for the anonymous person to come in we had a practice of our song that we were going to sing to this person. We had finished our song practise and all I could hear at the back of me was all the camera people rushing out side and I was thinking "wow the anonymous person is coming". Mr Burt our principal told us the day before that this person was donating a lot of money. Mr Burt said that this person was in the black eyed peas and everybody was so amazed. Then Mr Burt said to the whole school "who do you think it is" and everyone screamed out "Will.I.Am".

As Will.I.Am was walking into the hall all of the kids were amazed. As he came in everybody one was staring at him and he went to sit down on a chair by the stage. There were two performances, first it was kapa haka then after that it was the hip hop group when they finished there performances Will.I.Am said a speech about his life. After he had talked about his life we all sang a song to him we sang strive to succeed our school song. And then it was time for the big thing Will.I.Am came up to the front again and said he was going to donate one hundred and thousand dollars we were all amazed. He donated that money to help give the Manaiaklani education trust new Ipads and computers.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reading reflection.

TITLE: Judy Moody        

Pages: 1-26
Date: 8/5/13  

SUMMARIZE:This book is about Judy and all of her friends planning about what they are going to do for there summer holidays. The main character in the story is Judy.

QUESTION:When I read the part about Judy having a boring holiday it made me wonder if her holiday was going to be fun after all. I will soon find out when I read more. I wonder why the author chose to Write about Judy having a boring holiday. I think it might be because a lot of kids are bored in the holidays and this book may give some ideas of what to do in the holidays if they are bored.

I can't wait to finish of the rest of my book to see what happen's next.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends think about me.

Last term my class room 19 had to put a piece of paper on our backs. Everyone had to write something nice about that person. This is three things that my friends think about me.

 One of the thing's that someone said about me was that I am so pretty, that is a nice thought I appreciated that who ever wrote that.

 Another thing that I really liked that someone wrote about me was that I am really funny and I think that I am really funny.

 The last best thing that someone wrote about me that I liked was that I am an amazing friend because it makes me feel like a good person.

This was a good activity it is good to do things like this because people know how other people think about them. I enjoyed doing this activity it was really fun.