Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A day at the beach.

It started of with an ugly day with rain and grey clouds, But as time was getting on the grey clouds were going and the rain had stooped. The sun had come out but there were still some clouds that it was not as hot, It was also really windy.

Me and my friend Andrea decided to go to the beach with our friend Unique. We meet up with our friend and we all went down to the beach and were taking photos and were playing in the sand.

We were going to have a swim but it was a bit to cold and windy to have a swim so we didn't swim. We weren't swimming so we climbed the trees at the beach.

After climbing the trees Andrea decided to make her own little fishing rod out of a stick and some long piece of string that she found. After she had made her own little fishing rod we went to go and play on the park.

We had enough of the beach and were tired and cold from the wind. I had fun at the beach with my two friends Andrea and Unique. We left the beach and went back home to have a rest from our day at the beach.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection.

At the start of term 3 the year 7 & 8's have had the chance to do a new literacy rotation. There are 2 groups for as to work in 1 is Creative strand witch is were you make movies and do some art work. The other group is Literacy and you do writing and reading. 

I really like this new rotation that we have been doing because we get to work with different teachers. My favourite thing I like to do the most in creative strand is art. I like to do art because art is fun because we get to do creative things.