Monday, December 16, 2013

last year at Pt England school.

Kia Ora. I am a year 8 student at Pt England and I am in room 19.  This year will be my last year attending Pt England school.  I first started here at the age of 5 and I was a year 1.  I'm looking forward to going to college next year but I am going to miss all of my friend's here and the teachers to.

Saying good bye to my friends and teachers is going to be sad because it is going to be my last year attending Pt England school.  I'm going to miss my friends, Jorja, Lisia, Wakatere, Anamei, Henry and Ane hanging out with them has been fun I am going to miss our fun times with them.

I would like to say a huge "BYE" to the one and only best teacher Ms Tito. Ms Tito so far is one of my best teacher's.  The one thing I didn't like in my class was the lectures that Ms Tito had given us.

Next year I'm looking forward to college.  The school I will be attending next year is Auckland girls grammar School. I cant wait for next year, Next year I wan't to achieve all of my goals. My goals I want to achieve Next year are to improve in Maths and Reading.

This year the thing I have enjoyed the most is spending my time with my friends. Leaving this school and going to college is exciting for me but I am going to miss everything I have done here and learnt here.

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