Monday, December 2, 2013

My highlights of the year.

1st highlight: My first favourite highlight of the year was picking flax. The reason why I liked picking flax was because  it is fun. We all had to pick a flax each and we all went back to school. When we got to school we weaved it and that part was really fun. When we were weaving the flax it was really complicating but fun at the same time.

2nd highlight: My second highlight of the year was Tuakana Reading . I enjoyed Tuakana Reading because we got to teach little kids how to read and read books with them. We always used to go to the library every tuesdays and read with little kids in room 9. We had to get a little kid from room nine every week and read different books with them every week.

3rd highlight: My third highlight of the year was basketball. I liked basketball because we got to learn new moves. In basketball we learnt heaps of cool moves and got to play some cool basketball games. Basketball is fun, We meet some new basketball coaches and they all taught us different things each week.

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