Monday, March 28, 2011

Making a Link

I have made a link on this photo and now you can click on here and it will take you to where I got the picture from


On the first day of camp we were excited that camp started our faces had big smiles people were happy about camp. The year 5 kids were really excited because it was there first time at camp. The year 6 kids were excited to but not exited as the year 5 kids. We had our first place we went to was Swimarama. When we walked out of the hall there was a bus for the first group.

off we went to Swimarama to have some fun. well we went to Swimarama and we were there and we had races finally we had a swim after the races the water was freezing cold.It was cool because my friends were with me and I was playing with them. We were splashing at each others it was really cool spending time with my friends. After a wile me and my friends hoped out because it was cold. When we finish getting changed we went back to school to look for our tents we were going to sleep in. When I found the tent that I was going to sleep in me and my friends put our staff in the tent.The first thing we did after doing our tent was to practice our item for Thursday night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In the morning we went to SWIMARAMA!!! for the year 5 & 6 camp. It was fun at swimarama because my friends were there. first we sat on the ground for the instructions. the instructions were that the year 5 & 6 had t get change in to there togs and hope in to the pool and race. After the year 5 & 6 finish it was the flatter boarders after that the year 7 & 8's race. then finally we got to have a free swim it was fun. Me and my friends were swimming around the pool. After a swim I went to the water fountins they were warm then I got cold and I hoped out and got changed and went back to school.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My best friends

My best friends are Litia,Tauwhare, Vivienne and Teresa but Teresa goes to a different school she use to come to Pt England school but she comes to riverside so me and my friends can play with her. My friends are really cool to me because they are kind to me and very generous to me. They play with me everyday. We are nice to each other like friends are. They are the best friends in the world I am very lucky to have friends like them they are just the best friends to play with.

Japan Earthquake/Tsunmai

Japan has just had an Earthquake which is so sad they have had a tsunami as well, isn't that really scary. It happend at 2:40 on Friday in the afternoon heaps of people are missing some people might have died in the tsunami and Earthquake. There are crashed cars and some are blown up. Homes are damaged because of the Earthquake and the tsunami. People have bean running away from the tsunmai because they are really scared because the tsunami or the Earthquake might kill them. People are running for there lives. People have been trapped in there cars, houses and in buildings.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My favourite ice block

My favourite ice block is jelly tip, it is really nice. I like the jelly it goes wobble wobble when it goes down in to my stomach. I really like jelly in ice cream because it is mixed together. I will only buy jelly tip at the shop. I like the chocolate on the jelly because when I suck on the chocolate it just disappears in my mouth as well as the jelly too. Now this is the best ice block in the whole world. I will like this ice block for the rest of my life. It has white ice cream under the chocolate it is yummy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About me

Here is my wordle it is about me and my family and the things I love the most.