Friday, July 8, 2011

Trip to Motat

On Thursday room 15, 16 and room 17 went to MOTAT. When we first got there we meet this man called Frasier who showed us around and where we were going to sit to eat our morning tea. After we had finished our morning tea my group went to the mirror maze. It was confusing because there were lots and lots of mirrors but it got easier when I tried again. This was one of my best parts of the day. My second favorite part was the Tactile Dome. It was so dark that I couldn't even see my friends. I got to the middle of the Tactile Dome and I felt some net things, they were so saw on my knees. I finally finished the Tactile Dome Maze and I was happy that I finished. But there was some thing really sad because some one in my group was crying because she was lost and my group left her behind and we forgot about her. When she came out we said "Are you all right?" She said yes and we said sorry too her.When we finished that we did some other things and we went to the exit door and said thank you to Frasier and we hopped onto the bus and drove back to school.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A really special visitor.

This term our class had a very special visitor and her name is Miss Rogers, she is really nice and she helped us with our work when we needed help. She is one special person because she is nice to me and we have little talks and jokes. It is really fun talking and having jokes with Miss Rogers because she is funny. One cool thing about Miss Rogers is that she and her friends are from America, isn't that really cool?

On Miss Rogers last day it was cool because me and Lola were talking to her at lunch time and she took a photo of me and Lola. We were asking Miss Rogers some question's and when we finished asking her question's we were watching the rugby game with Miss Rogers. When the rugby game was finished the bell rang and me and Lola went to class and Miss Rogers went to whereever she went to and me and Lola said "good bye Miss Rogers we will see you next time".