Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

At 12:51 there was terrible quake in Christchurch,buildings were damaged and some were on fire. People were bleeding on the side of there face,legs,arms and hands.The most famous building is Cathedral it was crushed. more than 60 people died there was smoke in buildings and there was smoke every were.Cars,vans and ambulance had rocks on them.There were cracks on the roads and in the shops. It was just a big rubble and it was dangerous people are trying to save kids and adults right under buildings and in houses. people don't have any were to sleep because they cant get to there houses.Some people have been sleeping in tents in the park and in damage buildings.This is the 2Nd quake that has hit Christchurch. People are going to be in damaged buildings for a few days in till people save them.Some family's have died and that is very sad for the kids and family's in Christchurch.please god bless the people in Christchurch.

Monday, February 21, 2011

super hero

One morning I woke up and I went to the mirror and there was a spider on my neck. I didn't really wont to touch it so I flicked it of. And I saw a red dot on my neck and I screamed.It was so sore after a carpel of hours I went out side and I put my hands on the wall and I couldn't get my hands off.Then I started to climb the wall it was lots of fun. Then I started to train and I could my self spider women then I made me a costume.After that I started to save people and make people happy

When I herd some one in the car saying 'move out of the way 'and she didn't hear so I ran to the lady and I moved her and people think that I was a hero.I kept saving people and helping them and they were happy.
then I become a super hero

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our cookie has crevices on the top. We were dying to tasted,the tawny colored chocolate chip cookies. My cookie with lost of chocolate chips has, chocolate freckles on top.