Thursday, December 12, 2013

Net Book reflection.

This year has been the third year our school Pt England have been working on Net Books. Working on Net Books are easier than using a pencil and paper. My favourite thing to do on my Net Book is going on maths whiz. Searching thing's up on the internet are easy, So if I don't know what a word means I go on Google and search what the definition of it means. The help of the internet is great because we get to Google thing's we don't know about.

The thing I have learnt on my Net Book in he past three years is how to use Google docs and blogger. One thing I have learnt by myself on my Net Book is how to use photo bucket and many other sites. In my classroom we sometimes work in partners and work together and one thing I have learnt from my friends is to help each other when they need help on the internet.

This year I have helped people on there Net Books by telling them how to create new things on there Net Books if they don't know how to. We go on maths whizz and every thing by using internet and many other things by using internet. On my Net Book I have learnt on the internet what many words mean.

This year I have managed myself using my Net Book by being at the right place at the right time. I don't have to get wait for my teacher to tell me what to do I can just get up and do my work.

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