Friday, April 5, 2013


On the 3rd of April my class room 19 went to the field to do Triathlon. We did Triathlon to learn about it. The three things you do in Triathlon is Swim, bike and run.

As me and the girls in my class were walking towards the water slide I saw the bubbles everywhere on the slide and it looked very cold and slimy. Instead of a swimming pool we used a water slide because our school do not have a swimming pool. When I was standing at the water slide Brett our tutor said "On your marks get set go". Then as everyone else were sliding on the water slide I was running along the slide because I didn't want to get wet so I did that four times. Then I ran to the bikes.

As I got to the bikes I went to a bike and put my helmet on and walked the bike to the transition and then I hopped onto my bike and I was riding around the field and then I went past the finished line. After I finished my bike ride I put the bike back where I got it from and I started to do my run around the field. I was so tired and I past the finished line and then I went to sit down and We did the triathlon two times. I enjoyed doing Triathlon My favourite thing out of swim, bike, run was biking.