Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country.

On Thursday we had a school fun run Cross Country. At 12:15 we had to get ready in to our colours that we had been put into. The name of the colours were, Takitimu (yellow), Te Arawa (Red), Tainui(BLUE) and Mataatua witch is GREEN.

When we had finished getting into our cross country colours we had to line up outside our class room. We were walking to the courts were the whole school was sitting,we had to sit in rows of boys and girls and what year we were and I was in the year 8 girls row.

First Mr Burt Was talking to us about were we where going to run and then he did a pray. All of the little kids did there cross country and then us big kid's had to run the year 7's ran 3 k's and the year 8's ran 3.5 k's. When I got up to the start line and Mr Burt said " ON YOUR MARK'S GET SET GO" and I ran and we ran around the field and then ran down to the reserve and around the reserve.

We had to run around the field and reserve 2 times. I thought that the Cross country fun run was really fun because it was really mud on the reserve and people were sliding in the mud and we were getting muddy. We even got to run in a huge puddle of water it was cool. I really enjoyed myself doing cross country.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Favourite NRL Team.

My favourite Team form NRL is the Vodafone Warriors. The resin why I like the Vodafone Warriors Is because they are the only New Zealand NRL team. If you didn't know what NRL means it mean's National Rugby League.

Information About The Vodafone Warriors.

The Vodafone Warriors (National Rugby League Team) Are now coming in 9th place on the leader bored so far. There first home game this year was on Sat, Mar 9 5:30 PM agents the Parramatta Eels there next game will be on the 3rd of August agents the Cronulla Sharks. The score for the Warriors and Sharks game was (Warriors)14 and the (Sharks)18.