Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favourite Singers

My favourite singer is Miley Cyrus because I like her songs.
My favourite song is "Can't be Tamed". I like it because it sounds cool.
I like it when she is a bird.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maritime Museum

During our trip Salty Sam took us around to see different types of boats.Salty Sam took us to see the cups and told us how Peter Blake died. Salty Sam showed us the cabin where the early
immigrants slept. He took us to see the old kitchen there was old food on the shelves.
Then he showed us the Black magic it was so big. My favourite part was when Salty Sam showed me the Black magic.

Next Sheryl took us around the museum. Fist she took us for a gallery walk. Sheryl showed us the European and Maori things as we were walking past.Then we went to go and watch a movie.
It was about the Maoris coming from the Cook Islands to New Zealand in their waka. After that
Sheryl told us to go and find a boat that comes from our culture.She taught us how to make crosses. Sheryl showed us some coconuts and some of them were cracked. The Polynesians made string out of coconut fibre.

After that room 15 went on the Devonport Ferry. When we went on we went up stairs where we went out side and the wind was blowing me. I saw the old Ferry building it was big. When we were going fast I went in side to have a rest. Then we were at Devonport. After we had left Devonport I saw the sky tower and the habourbridge. The tried to blow me over.