Monday, July 8, 2013

Fairy Tale - The Three Little Pig's

Once upon a time there lived an old wolf called Anthony. He lived in a huge mansion in New York. He liked to pick up rubbish because he liked to live in a clean environment. Anthony the wolf liked to help people, but only if they were kind.

One day Anthony  was minding his own business when he noticed a house made out of straw on his property. He felt disrespected because the person who had built the straw house didn’t ask for permission. The person turned out to be a rude little pig. He kindly said to the pig “can you please remove your straw house from my property?” But the pig said “no way!” So then Anthony the wolf had no other choice but to blow down the house made out of straw. The pig said “ you're not tough enough to blow down my house”. Anthony blew down the house built with straw. The pig said”paw you have smelly breath” .

So he ate the pig. He said mmm yummy yummy. The next day Anthony came across another house this time the house was made out of sticks. He kindly asked if the pig could remove the house made out of sticks. But the pig said “ you don't have the strength to blow my house down”. Anthony had no other choice but to blow the house down. The little pig was scared. Anthony blew his house down and ate the little pig.

A couple of days after Anthony saw a third house and this time the house was  made out of bricks. Anthony kindly asked the little pig to remove the house off his property but the little pig said “no I want to live here”. In determination the pig did not give up. The wolf had no choice but to blow down the little pig’s house, With all his might and strength he tried to blow as hard as he could but the brick house would not bust down. The wolf was very upset that he couldn't blow down the brick house. The little pig was very happy because he could leave his brick house on the wolf’s property. Instead of blowing the brick house down he burnt it. By the time the half of the house has burnt the little pig ran away and he never came back. So the wolf tidied up the house and went to bed and that has the end of the three little pig’s.