Thursday, August 2, 2012


Basketball has finally came this year so we can have fun and learn some skills all about basketball. When we were walking to the Court's ready to go basketball my body was full of excitement because I went to basketball last year and it was fun and I knew that I would love it. firstly the whole class sat down on the ground then the intonational basketball men introduced themselves and their names were Tie and Shae. After they introduced themselves we had to wait for room 20 to come with us to do some skills as well.

Room 20 had finally came so we got started. first Tie and Shae told us all to stand up and get into a group of four and line up behind the line. After we got into our group's Shae gave all of the group's a ball to use then Tie Told all of us what the first skill we were going to learn and do. That first skill was jump stops Tie showed all of us how to do jump stops and when it was my turn I went half way of the court to do it and it was a bit hard for me but it was fun going up and down the court's bouncing the ball and then doing jump stops. After the jump stops we did dribbling, I liked dribbling because I like bouncing the ball. The last skill was passing, passing is fun to the resin why it is fun is because I like learning new skills and having fun.