Tuesday, November 29, 2011

About me.

Hi my name is Te Rina and I am a 11 year old girl that goes to Pt England school. At Pt england school there are nice teachers there and kids to. Our principal is really cool because he is kind and makes people happy when they are feling down that is what I like about him. I have a teacher and his name is Mr Somerville he is awsome because when i need help he will help me and that is what I like about him. I have friends called Tauwhare and Lola they are really kind to me I like Tauwhare because when I am feeling down she will help me and make me really happy.I am really happy to be at Pt england shool.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

About camp Bentzon.

Imagining Going to a wonderful place like Camp Bentzon for a great Holiday. It fells great going on a fantastic Holiday like Camp Bentzon I've been there it is really awesome and much fun then any other place. I like Camp Bentzon because it has a nice view and there are nice people there could Peter and Erin. It is great being at Camp Bentzon.

The best and scary thing that I liked was Abseiling you might like it or not. You should visit Camp Bentzon you will really like it Camp Bentzon is even known as Kawau Island any way you should visit there you will love it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Camp Bentzon.

When we hopped onto the fairy I was really stoked with excitement to be on it. We had to be quiet as there were visitors on the fairy as well as us. We were getting close to Camp Bentzon and Dillon and the boys had to lead a haka to show there respect of being able to be on camp Bentzon. When we hopped off we grab a bag each and took them to the deck. We finally finished that and went for a long hike. As we were doing the hike we went up hills and down hills it was really tiring for me and I felt like I was going to faint.

We got to the end and we were playing around to have a rest. After a few hours we went back to Camp Bentzon and had free time for a few hours an till dinner time. We had potatoes and chicken for dinner. My highlight was abseiling it was really scary at the start when I was going up the staples on the side of the abseiling. When I was at the top I was scared when I was up there but then I got use to it and I was going down. I was half way and I made it to the bottom of the Abseiling and I was really proud of my self.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Film Festival

One day we were going to Hoyts to watch movies from other school's. When we got there we sat down on a comfortable chairs and I was sitting next to my friend Tauwhare. As we sat down Mr Burt was talking to us about what we weren't allowed to do like yell out people's names and some other things to.

Finley the movies started and I was really exited about seeing the movies because I knew that they will be really cool. My favorite movie was the Billy T movie because it was so funny and awesome.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

My holiday.

In the holiday I went to Willow Park for camp. On the first day of camp we went on a bus to Willow Park and had lunch when we first got there. After lunch we had to find some things around Willow Park and we played on the Willow Park toys it was great fun. At night we had devotions it was really cool we were learning about the bible. Then we went to bed in the cabins one the second day we did some fitness we had to run up some long stairs and we did it 2 times it was really hard. After that we made some towns out of sand on the beach when we finish Mr Burt was judjeing and my group won it was really fun at Willow park.

Visiting the moon.

One day I was thinking of going to the moon on the next day. When I was thinking of going to the moon I new that I will be famous in all countries. The next day I got ready for my trip to the moon When I was travling I was amzaed because I could see a far far away planet and it had a big ring around it and it was santurn. I also saw some really cool stars flying around and I new I was getting close to the moon. When I was getting close to the moon I was thinking if there was any water on the moon so I started to look on the moon. Some people think that there is no water on the moon and in any other plantes.There mabye no water on the moon but I just wonted to look.

Well I was seraching for water I saw some thing right in front of me and it was water. I was really amzaed when I found water and I was the first in the world to find water. Now it is time to go back to earth I really enjoyed spending time on the moon. Something strange happend and I opened my eyes and it was just a dream.