Monday, April 18, 2011

My best friends

My best friends are Litia,Tauwhare, Vivienne and Teresa but Teresa goes to a different school she use to come to Pt England school but she goes to a different school but she comes to riverside. My friends are really cool to me because they are kind to me and very generous to me. They play with me everyday we are nice to each other like friends are. They are the best friends in the world I am very lucky to have friends like them they are just the best friends to play with.

My Embarrassing Moment

My embarrassing moment was when I was bringing my camp gear into the hall and when I was walking across the road my sleeping bag fall on the road and it was embarrassing. When I got across to the other side I was laughing and people were looking at me. Then I got to the hall and when I finished putting my stuff into the hall I saw my friends and I told them what had happened.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My favorite milkshake.

My favorite milkshake is chocolate milkshake I like it because it is really nice. I like it with whipped cream and a cherry on top it is delicious it is the best thing in the world. The thing I really like about the milkshakes they have a nice flavor in it. I really like to have a milkshake they are really yummy for my tummy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Dinosaur Story

1,000 years ago I had a pet which was a dinosaur it was called a Brachiosaurus it lived on an island. All my Dinosaur did was eat leaves and plants and it sat on it’s but all day long. But the thing she really really liked to do was to run around too. Sometimes in her life she gets chased after by a T-REX he has huge teeth and a huge body. A T-REX is a meat eater and that is why he chases after Dinosaurs. My Brachiosaurus has 2 sisters and 1 brother. My Brachiosaurus says “ I am the best at jumping around like a rabbit" then he starts to jump around.

One day he went to the river to go and have a drink of water. And there were heaps of dinosaur’s everywhere they were eating plants and leaves and that is how I knew that they were the same as me. And that is how I made friends and we were playing games it was really fun there by the river and I had never had friends like them they are really cool. Then my mum came and we had to go home but I didn’t wont to go home so I asked my mum if I could stay the night and she said YES I was happy to stay at my new friends place.

Friday, April 8, 2011

All about me

Hi my name is Te Rina and I'm 10 years old. This year I'm a year 6 at Pt England school and I am in room 16. This year I have a new teacher his name is Mr Somerville hi is really cool. My favourite fruit is pineapple I like pineapple because it has a very nice taste in it. My favourite sports is rugby, Ripper rugby and touch. I signed up for rugby and ripper rugby it is really fun.